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The assignment code is at the top of the listing you found this job at. eg. AB612
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Eg. NTU, Bachelor’s, School Of Medicine (2nd Upper Honours)
The client requires a tutor who is able to help the student’s grades improve:
Where are you able to teach eg East, North, West, Central and Online
I am able to teach JC Math and Economics
Eg. Red Swastika (C to B), Kong Hwa (A to A*), MGS Primary (A to A*), Tao Nan (B to A)
Any other information you can give to us to include in the profile that we will show to the client. Clients usually choose tutors who elaborate and clearly describe their tutoring and academic achievements. Please help us to be able to write a great profile of you 🙂 Many thanks!
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Please fill up and answer the Tuition In Singapore form truthfully

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  • Assignment Code: TI4
  • Tutor’s Name: Jade Foo
  • Contact number: +65 1234-5678
  • Nationality: Singaporean
  • Email:
  • Tutor’s rate and available timings: $65/hr Thursdays 4 pm or Wednesdays 7pm
  • Name of schools and universities you graduated from, and what is/was your major, Academic Awards: Graduated from Imperial College London BSc Biological Sciences (First Class Honours)
  • Number of years you have been tutoring/teaching (peer tutoring/home tuition/tuition centre): 5 years tutoring and worked as a contract teacher in Temasek Secondary School for 2 years
  • Where are you able to teach in Singapore (Eg East, Online, North): North, East and Online
  • What is your gender: Female
  • Year of birth: 1992
  • How did you find us: Google
  • MOE schools you taught at / if you are NIE-trained / full-time tutor: Full-time Tutor
  • What Subject/Subjects are you able to teach: Biology, Math, Science and Chemistry
  • Grade improvements of at least 2 of your students and the schools they attended/are attending: Secondary 3 Biology student from Raffles Girls School D to A in 7 months of lessons and Secondary 3 Biology student from Temasek Secondary D to B in 5 months of lessons
  • Comments: Students have noted that I am a patient and resourceful. I am able to provide my own notes that have been proven to improve my students grades while ensuring that the students are learning at a proper pace
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